About us

About us

Our motto:

African Peace and Rehabilitation Center (APARC) is a non-government organization registered by the Government of Uganda to the Minister of Internal Affairs through NGOs Board. We have our social seat in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Our desire was to transform the world of philanthropy by looking at all human beings as members of a single, global community where everyone had the opportunity.

APARC is an NGO that aims to help the disadvantaged people from Africa (Children, Women, Refugees, Pygmies, Albinos, and PWDs): finding adequate solutions to the problems that affecting them i.e. vulnerability, stigma, despair, rape within the community. Our major Target are Refugees, PWDs and disadvantaged People within the community by consoling them by Stress free counseling, empowering them with different skills, promoting talents to help become self-sustainable in their life here in Uganda.

 “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

By remembering the Chinese proverb; we are doing our best to empower our beloved with different skills to become self-sustainable people. We also promote talent, music, modelling, art and business skills.

Peace and hope of Refugees.

To enhance respect and observance of Rights of Refugees, human rights practices and civic values, end violence against children and women, eradicate poverty by skilling refugee’s men, women and children, promote basic practices through training, educate, research advocacy, psycho-social and legal support.


  • To empower refugees with various skills.
  • To promote respect for human rights and civic values.
  • To empower citizens especially the Refugees youth, children, women and minority groups with human right knowledge and skills to demand and defend their rights.
  • To advocate for human rights-friendly policy and legislative frame work.
  • To promote inclusive gender.

Core Values

  • Team work
  • Excellence
  • Timeliness
  • Result oriented
  • Equal opportunity
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism


*Setting up sustainable income generating business for raising income to support organization activities.

  • Creating community where refugees and family stay.
  • Create school, universities for Refugees and disadvantage
  • Buy a plot for put the organization activity


  1. To develop and empower people and disadvantage for self-sustainability.
  2. To put up a Centre to impart Refugees and the disadvantaged with practical skills, like making; Bags, shoes, Papers, jelly, candles, soap, shopping bags, hand bags and matching accessories, ear rings and bangles, jewelry box, craft making, and learn the English language in order to improve their standards of living.
  3. To teach refugees and disadvantage the stress-free technique, which helps them develop full potential in a natural manner to reduce or release them stress, trauma, strain, and depression and as a result gain greater balance in life to promote hope, stability, while maintaining responsibility.
  1. To create more activities for refugees and disadvantage which they will doing when they finish daily program, which it will unite them and help them to make some money for better living, create peace of mind, reduce stress and create unity among them.

Our Great Team

Our team is your team. Meet the Passionate, driven and creative individuals who power Administration at APARC.

Marina Manoka

Executive Director

Difference Ngandu


Kerene lessa

Secretary General

Samuel Buhendwa


Tresorerie P. Lowera


Corneil Kanga

Youth Leader

Cocotte Luzala

Education & Protection

Dr. Balbishi Nsiala


Kakenge Kazadi Luc


Papy Kikuni Victor

Culture & Art

Daufine Lwaliba


Denis Habarimana